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Location 1: Select Drive Times
Calculate Drive Time Areas


  • Locate addresses using the address fields and "Locate" button above.
  • Drive time polygons represent the area a vehicle could travel within the specified drive time from the address locations.
  • Drive times can be changed by simply clicking the drop-down menu (next to "Minutes") and selecting, or typing the desired drive time.
  • Information on resources and services that exist inside the polygons are displayed within the "Results" tab.
  • Additional information can be retrieved by simply clicking features, or clicking anywhere on a map.
Display All Features (In Polygons):
Display All Features (In Polygons):
Display All Features (In Polygons):
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This is a proof of concept application providing citizens a one stop shop for government services utilizing
a shared services architecture. For the concept, data shown is only valid for the City of Olympia.
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