Portland Seattle
City parks provide the oportunity to enjoy the outdoors in an environment that is cared for by the city. Parks bring open space to an otherwise crowded urban environment.
Facts Portland Seattle
Total acres (parks) 3,617 6,200
Swimming pools 13 10
Community centers 18 26
Golf courses 5 5
Tennis courts 124 151
Picnic shelters 86 80
Data source: www.seattle.gov, www.portlandonline.com
Portland Seattle
Homelessness plagues every large city. Each night, there are many people that do not have a bed to sleep on. Seattle and Portland both have a number of homeless shelters to assist the homeless. The homeless shelters offer a safe place to spend the night, and many provide a small meal.
Facts Portland Seattle
Total homeless count 1,591 1,753
Living under roadways 193 174
Living in a vehicle 150 506
Living in bushes/undergrowth 127 66
Living in parks 74 20
Data source: 2011 One Night Count, 2011 Point-In-Time
Portland Seattle
Looking at the income of those living in a city is a good way to evaluate the strength of the city's economy. This map displays the median household income for 2010.
Facts Portland Seattle
Median household income 2006-2010 $48,831 $60,665
Persons below poverty level 2006-2010 16.3% 12.7%
Per capita money income in past 12 months (2010 dollars) 2006-2010 $29,797 $40,868
Data source: United States Census Bureau http://quickfacts.census.gov
Portland Seattle
This map displays the population density of Portland and Seattle during 2010. Looking at the population of a city reveals future economic prospects as well as how much traffic is on the road.
Facts Portland Seattle
Total population 583,776 608,660
Population percent change, 2000 to 2010 10.3% 8.0%
Bachelor's degree or higher, age 25+, 2006-2010 41.1% 55.1%
Mean travel time to work, age 16+, 2006-2010 23.9 minutes 24.9 minutes
Data source: United States Census Bureau http://quickfacts.census.gov